17 Ogos 2010

UMNO want to do ceremony at Masjid Kat Selangor . What JAIS News ?

Roslan SMS >> August 16, 2010

Umno want to politicize the issue of the mosque in Ramadan continued to warm . I just received a call the day bertalu - rope from various parties expressed opposition to the proposed Selangor Umno to hold a break with the PM ( who is also Chairman of the Selangor Umno Liaison ) at Masjid Nurul Ehsan , Kg Medan , Petaling Jaya .

In fact this afternoon I accompanied the Commissioner PAS Selangor Dato Dr Hasan Ali with Selangor PAS Liaison Secretary , Mr. Khairuddin Othman met with Dato ' Minister
Growing up in his house for PAS Selangor worried about what happened .

While we were in the house MB range on the visit to the mosque , including contractors who want to install the tent , but was blocked by the leadership of the mosque . Selangor UMNO leaders at the mosque was supposed to negotiate .

Without shy , embarrassment they use and sell a variety of names for use in violation of the mosque , including the name of MB, EXCO religion but it is also the name of the castle dibabitkan .

Fortunately, the leadership of the mosque to address this issue calmly and let us negotiate a settlement MB best to avoid any mishaps .

Selangor Umno fact want to use the mosque . Application letter in the name of the party's submission to the Inspector of the mosque . The mosque keranan uphold His Majesty the Sultan said, had rejected the application for the mosque can not be used for political purposes . That's not the MB or EXCO Religious instruction , the order of His Majesty himself . Let alone Umno , PAS and PKR had never made any such application to use mosques in Selangor !

I remember during the PAS Annual Conference in Shah Alam last year , the Director JAIS categorically reject the application to allow the Hon Mursyidul General and the Honourable President of PAS preached everywhere in the mosque of Selangor . So what is the special Umno Selangor opposition in this ?

If the centers , facilities and buildings owned by the federal government , state government leaders banned foot , what is special Umno centers , facilities and state -owned buildings .

I understand that when rejected by the Inspector , the Selangor Umno use whatever line of life left in them , even without mengiku regulations to ensure that their agenda could be continued as well. Umno exchanged letters with a letter from the Office of the PM and this time came directly to JAIS .

What they have lost the consideration to be ignorant and blind rules . Why not do this from the beginning of a formal application ?

If the PM wants to contact the Office of the PM 's Office sepatuntnya MB, whether it polite and on channel name ? Why use the letter headed, Umno , signed by the SU works addressed to the Inspector of the State Umno ......... beginikah Umno how to manage them ?

Finally, after consultation , said the severed but the state gave conditional access . Among them there are no banners and flags flown Umno allowed , no political speeches , all the local leaders , including MPs , Assembly , member of the council and others should be invited , and most importantly the event will be organized by the JAIS and not political parties .

I listened to his own instructions given by the Commissioner Dato MB State Secretary by telephone . Dato Hasan then contact Nazor mosques provide the same direction , "said Dato Hasan who is allowed to give speeches Nazir and AM .

Even when I asked the Commissioner MB, what if the Old Trafford speak, what if Ezam Md Nor speak ? Tan Sri said they have no credentials , not, if we speak also of arrest !

Although we accept the results of the weight of the state , but we must ensure that the applicant complies with all regulations mentioned above. To the parish Masjid Nurul Ehsan , raikanlah them, but caution if any other parties other than those authorized to speak, to take action .

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