17 Ogos 2010

Swallow Ahmadinejad if Obama Life - Life debate - CNN

TV CNN ( Cable News Network ) in the opinion campaign sought the views of respondents following the meeting and may also occur in an open debate between Barack Obama , President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to President of the Islamic Republic of Iran . Inn of the report so CNN reported Saturday Sunday 14 / 8 .

In a CNN television report mentions the possibility of open debate held between Obama with Ahmadinejad in his visit to New York . CNN explains, the adoption of new transactions to Iran that Iran can not prevent the office to inform the Iranian nuclear purposes in that State , Barack Obama may be taking a more global attitude to meet and debate openly with Ahmadinejad is to realize its purpose .

General James Jones , U.S. National Security Advisor said , " If Iran did not participate in nuclear talks with ' a desire among the people ' , most likely Barack Obama will not negotiate with Iran's president at the meeting. "

In addition, CNN in an opinion Kempen was doing, asked the respondents to express their opinions and debate about the possibility of a meeting will be held .

Haitham , a CNN Arab respondents mentioned that this open debate must be done , because without hearing the words of others, we should not judge him .

Hill , a CNN television Western respondents assert , open debate should not be applied because Barack Obama is very inexperienced and Ahmadinejad with its experience Obama will swallow you alive !

While Mona was another one respondent mentioned that before making such an open debate to be prepared an agenda and the importance of readiness for officials at lower levels , for a meeting to dialogue alone is not useful.

A man named Frederick on CNN's site write , though negotiation and dialogue in general is an excellent method to discuss the distinction and finding ways of completion , but the dialogue does not serve the Americans , because this dialogue will strengthen the position of Iran in the nuclear discussions .

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