20 Ogos 2010

Qardhawi Will Join Flotilla into Gaza

>> August 19, 2010
Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qardhawi, General Assembly se-World Muslim Scholars (IUMS) will take part in a naval convoy to the Gaza Strip. This is expressed by Hendrik Ihsan, who is also a member of the Chamber of Se-Muslim scholars in Cape Town (South Africa) said that Sheikh Al-Qardhawi will follow to take part in a naval convoy to the Gaza Strip.

Hendricks, who is also member of the IUMS, said that a large number of other scholars and prominent Arab and Muslim will be joined by senior naval convoy organized by the House of World Scholars (IUMS). Ihsan said it was the border at Rafah in Gaza, on Saturday. Convoy of assistance funded by a number of activists in South Africa had been in Rafah, which they had experienced discrimination apartheid regime.

Hendrik insisted that the convoy of aid to Gaza will continue to take place, both by land and sea, until the siege against the Palestinian people in Gaza stopped. The delegation will see the suffering people of Gaza, and resilience. They will urge the liberation of the people of Gaza, "said Hendricks.

Meanwhile, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos told meida, "Spain is one of the nation European Union took a clear attitude towards Israel, and condemns the excessive use of force against the population of the Gaza Strip."

Other developments that the company "Canada Post Corporation" announced that they had stopped receiving letters from the Gaza Strip which Israel dsekat, because prohibition made by Israel. Canadian Postal Service to find new ways to send letters from Canada to the Gaza Strip. (M / ikhwb)

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