20 Ogos 2010

Israeli Woman Missing Askar Subjects!

Israeli Woman Missing Askar Subjects!
>> August 19, 2010
An Israeli woman soldier has been criticized all-out by the Israelis and Palestin Isnin day (16 / 8), because of her post photos on Facebook in addition to citizens of Palestin-style, bound and blindfolded.

Israeli news pages and blogs shows two photographs of former Israeli conscript Abergil Eden. In one photo, seen him sitting cross-legged beside a man who was blindfolded Palestin which rests on a concrete barrier. Her face turned downward, while Abergil leaning toward him with his face turned away. Another photo shows Abergeil smiling in front of the camera with Palestin three people whose hands are bound and blindfolded.

The incident reminds full relations between Israel and tentera West Cliff Palestin under their control.

Earlier the Israeli army suffered a lot of problems when joining the social media pages such as Facebook and YouTube. Recently a group of fighter perajurit Israek reprimanded kerana post on Youtube when doing roandaan dance choreography in the city of Hebron, the West Cliff.

Jurucakap Ghassan Khatib Palestinian authorities condemned the photos in circulation and said they pointed to a deeper humiliation - how the 43-year Israeli occupation of Palestin citizens have affected the people of Israel to do the indignity.

"These photographs show mentaliti occupiers," Khatib said, "They're proud of the Palestin humiliating citizens in the occupied territories and it is unfair, immoral and, .."

The Israeli military has also criticized the party young woman.

"This is a photo of embarrassing," said Capt. Barak Raz, an Israeli military jurucakap.

"Aside from information on security issues, we are talking about a serious breach of moral and ethical cod soldiers and these soldiers would serve in active duty today, I would imagine that he would soon be brought to court-martial," said Associated Press Television News .

It is unclear whether the military can punish the woman, kerana he has finished his military duty. (FQ / Aby)

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