16 Ogos 2010


Blair sister-in-law embrace Islam

To the guidance when visiting mosques

LONDON: Brother-in-law former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is also the broadcaster and journalist Lauren Booth, 43, announced his conversion to Islam about six weeks ago after getting guidance.

Lauren, the younger half of Blair's wife, Cherry, said he was now wearing a hijab when leaving the house, praying five times a day and go to mosque every time a chance.

"I do not eat pork or drink alcohol. I also read the Koran every day and is now up to page 60. It has been 45 days I was not drinking alcohol, the longest in 25 years.

"Miraculously, since embracing Islam I do not wait to touch the wine, whereas before I would drink at least two drinks per day," he was quoted as saying the Daily Mail newspaper.

Lauren said he obtained a 'good experience' when visiting the mosque of Fatima al-Masumeh, which houses the tomb of Fatima al-Masumeh, the brother of Imam Reza, the eighth imam of Shiite followers of the descendants of Ali, in Qom.

"All of a sudden I just feel calm and happy. Upon arrival in Britain, I have decided to embrace Islam, "he said.
On the possibility to wear the burqa, or mask, Lauren does not deny the will to do so in the future.

"Who knows which way and direction to which Islam will take me next?" He said.

Lauren previously known as a man sympathetic to Islam and spent a lot of time working in Palestine.

"I was impressed with the strength and beauty of this religion," he said when asked about Islam. - Agencies

Grab the opportunity of forgiveness on Laylat al Qadr night.

Ethics Ramadan Ramadan is the month the best, the prince of the same month the day Friday, the prince of the day.

It is God's gift to the Muslim people to take advantage of the coming of Ramadan to increase the work to obey God to get him additional awards or bonuses to his great promise Laylat al Qadr which usually falls on one of the 10 last night.

Perhaps this is referred to by the beloved Prophet Muhammad's great in a hadith that says: "How strangely, to be awarded until the completion of Ramadan age suddenly it does not get forgiveness from Allah SWT.

Forgiveness is a gift that is promised to those who truly make Ramadan a month of worship dedicated to Allah. In addition to expect forgiveness.

The Prophet also mentioned in the hadith: "he who fasted Ramadan with faith and hope for the reward of Allah will be forgiven all his sins."

More specific than that, we look to the ditarbiyah Tarbiyah Prophet to his followers through an authentic hadith.

Out of Aishah, may Allah with the message, "O Aishah, if you found the night of Qadr Allah, so pray to Allah prayer perbanyakkan determined to be achieved in the prayer is: O Allah! Ye the Lord is Forgiving, the Most High, Forgive me .

Tarbiyah is that by placing such a high expectation, so that offense, or kesengajaan ketelanjuran, Allah will accept the forgiveness in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, will be forgiven.

Clearly seen that the very need to be applied to the removal of sin and God is not like applying kemanfatan worldly wealth, victory to face the enemy, great career, or whatever name the world's obstacles. All is not as critical as the forgiveness of sins.

Because if there seems to be perceived greatness of human achievement in this life is not success sementara.Kehebatan quite a while, but the greatness of God with the removal of sins is a dream and the achievement of very high because that is the focus of every Muslim is the last days of 10 nights this.

Become a focus to put human values alone in order to please God. If the goal is already achieved the good pleasure of Allah, then tercapailah peak of the real purpose of this man created God is finally to God only focus of life of all creatures to have pleased God.

God promises in His servant

Ramadan is a month of reflection for us to see just where our fighting forces in dealing with the challenges of livelihood, especially the challenge to sustain and improve the trust God has dipikulkan on them a duty to Allah martabatkan but with ongoing efforts face a struggle against all obstacles to put the glory Islamic revival in the middle of an increasingly challenging.

Especially in the days that we have experienced this. Where Muslims seem to be victims of kegelojohan the enemies of Islam who used to look for opportunities to eliminate Muslims.

The atmosphere of late, after the tragedy of 11 September 2001 as if forbidden to take any action to pengganyang people and Islam as well as to allow the continued existence of the virtual in this.

But his religion Having you with me that God has promised a 'eulogy' to be a stimulus to Islamic fighters, particularly the end-the end of Ramadan with the revelations of Allah, which means: "they are the enemies you want to remove the light of Allah, Islam with their efforts, but God did not let them do so, and He (Allah) will give your religion and memenangkan even hated by those pagans. "

Promises such as these clearly explained in the Qur'an in Surah 55 of mafhumnya Annur verse: "God promised to you who believe Him.'ll Be lifted them to caliph (ruler) as God has been raised before the forces of government land angkatanmu God and then all the chaos that occurs will be replaced with actual security. You worship God without menyekutuiNya. And whoever does not believe in such promises, they are people who Fasiq. "

So Ramadan that will leave us is very useful if diisinya to sacrifice wealth to help the fight as the symbol of the nature of the duties delegated to each individual who lived during the beginning of Ramadan to reach find Syawal.

Even so the whole nature of the duty of Muslims out of their last days of Ramadan. Almost there who just do not purposely wait for the arrival of Syawal then to perform the duty of charity nature.

Mengawali practice regular charity, nature is an indication of the existence of ritual 'maliyyah' even a little, but as far as possible this property is made sacrifices as much as possible to pursue the rewards of as much as possible, especially if the property is made sacrifices on the night of Qadr, or at least occurred in the month of Ramadan.

And we all saw falls in the servants of God who are lucky enough benefit coming of Ramadan with good deeds that are useful to us especially when we meet Allah on the Day of the afterlife. _

He hit hudud government, people living without limits

Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

سورة أنزلناها وفرضناها وأنزلنا فيها آيات بينات لعلكم تذكرون
- النور: 1
Meaning: This is a chapter which We have revealed and enjoined, and We sent down signs that you may remember, the real (practice).

Alhamdulillah, my highest record pronouncement of thanks to God because of His mercy and permission from, we can together in the opening ceremony celebration Hududulullah Naim state for this. Congratulations goes to the Department of Religious Affairs of the State in organizing this celebration. I understand that this event was preceded by a seminar on the Islamic Law whipping has started since this morning. Once again congratulations and compliments to the organizers. I start with serangkap poem:

Let carved tramp board,

was penyeri the teak,

remembrance day and night life,

will hinge on rabbis ..
Hudud law is one of the laws difardhukan by Allah SWT. As we must pray, fast and pay zakat, so too must we uphold the claim to implement the laws made by Allah SWT. If we can accept that in any law school in which students are required to comply with directions of teachers and administrators. At the law office there, where workers have to comply with the direction their employers. In any country where the law required to obey the people obey their leaders. But human life is God, not subject to the law? Certainly more than that because life is a matter that is too difficult and compilcated outside the human ability to heirs. Who has the right to determine the law of life in the world other than the creator of the world itself is God? This is quoted in saying:

إن الحكم إلا لله يقص الحق وهو خير الفاصلين - سورة الأنعام: 57

Meaning: Only Allah is judged He declares the truth and He is the best of judges.

وتمت كلمة ربك صدقا وعدلا - سورة الأنعام: 115

The truth belongs to Allah, God's justice as well.

I informed the seminar that was held this morning is not just a paper whipping demonstrations in Islam. I believe all the masters have had exposure and information from the seminar. Should be noted that a sentence of whipping down by Allah SWT. The verse that I read in the beginning just a beginning chapter ucapaan an-Nur. An-Nur to give meaning. Sun, moon, stars required for a physical. Light-al-Quran and al-Sunnah is required for the human soul:

يوم ترى المؤمنين والمؤمنات يسعى نورهم بين أيديهم وبأيمانهم بشراكم اليوم - الحديد: 12

Which means: (ie) on the day when you see the believers men and women, their light travels faster in the presence and the right of them, (it is said to meraka): "On this day there is good news for you

As Surah an-Nur is just now starting with:

سورة أنزلناها وفرضناها وأنزلنا فيها آيات بينات لعلكم تذكرون

Which means: "chapter which We have revealed and enjoined, and We sent down the revelations clear to you, O man, remember.

See how God uses the word أنزلناها means we drop followed by فرضناها means enjoined and setusnya أنزلنا فيها آيات بينات which We have sent down revelations clear. All three are presented in sequence and beriringan. Although we are all aware that the Quran was sent down by Allah SWT, and it difardhukan law judge, and God revealed verses clearly also by Allah SWT. However, when the three set out in sequence in one sentence, it is a signal that the seriousness of the order will be disclosed later. The order is whipping, which is one of the hudud. Hence, the order of the verse diakhirkan لعلكم تذكرون which means that you really remember. Means always remember every time we have to take notes that orders that the punishments have been prescribed by Allah and asked Him to be all together soon. ثم لتسألن يومئذ عن النعيم

Allah Almighty says after the first verse of Surah an-Nur said:

الزانية والزاني فاجلدوا كل واحد منهما مئة جلدة ولا تأخذكم بهما رأفة في دين الله إن كنتم تؤمنون بالله واليوم الآخر وليشهد عذابهما طائفة من المؤمنين - النور أية 2

Meaning: The adulterer and the adulteress, shall be your whipping every one of them a hundred lashes and not influenced by compassion for them, in exercise of the law of Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day, and be witnessed the punishment imposed on them by a group of people who believe.

Hudud does not mean whipping and cut hands alone. Unfortunately, given the image look hudud bad enough by the Western media with the support of the secular media in the country makes people often mistakenly think of hudud. In fact hudud meaningful limits. Some of what is commanded or forbidden by God are called limitations. Breaking boundaries with what is asked to leave or forbidden to do what is referred to as a violation of hududullah. Al-Quran not only mentions the word reform ongoing in the crime section, but the problem of domestic regulation and the marriage of divorce. Allah Almighty says:

ولا يحل لكم أن تأخذوا مما آتيتموهن شيئا إلا أن يخافا ألا يقيما حدود الله - سورة البقرة أبة 229

Meaning: It is not lawful for you to take something from what you have given them (the wives who had divorced), unless both (husband and wife) can not enforce hudud fear Allah that Allah's limits.

In the problem of distribution of inheritance, also called the word hudud. Firman Allah SWT:

فإن كانوا أكثر من ذلك فهم شركاء في الثلث من بعد وصية يوصى بها أو دين غير مضار وصية من الله والله عليم حليم (12) تلك حدود الله ... - سورة النساء أية 12-13

Which means: "If they (the brothers of the same mother) more than two, they share in a third (with a equal amount of male and female), after any bequest bequest by the deceased, and after the debt is paid; will-a will that these should not hurt (to heirs). Determination of Allah. And (remember) Allah is the Knower, the Clement. That hudud (the limit set by law) of God.

Today the country is in a very embarrassing situation. We often hear there corruption, fraud and breach of trust on the rise. The increase in social ills is now up to the very, very disturbing, in addition to the average of every 16 minutes a theft case in our country. Cases throw the baby is growing concern in which it rose 154%, with 54 cases from January to date, compared to only 42 cases during the same period last year. Similarly, the increase in cases of murder, rape, snatch theft and various other crimes.

Why the law should not be able to contain the problem inni? Not only because the law is no capacity for prevention. Unadang law that is intended by Allah SWT, which is one of prevention. Firman Allah SWT:

والسارق والسارقة فاقطعوا أيديهما جزاء بما كسبا نكالا من الله والله عزيز حكيم - سورة المائدة: 38

Which means: And the man who steals and the woman who stole the (ruling), cut off their hands as a recompense for what they did, (well as) a punishment from Allah and (that) Allah is Mighty, Wise.

We in Kelantan to develop policies with Islam has long been aware of this fact. Among the purposes of the Joint Building Islam are:

1) Educate, mentarbiah qalbu people to fear God since the small yet reached the stage of adolescence and continue into adulthood.

Heard the baby on a laptop bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim done each time milk. Best of the mother should be berwudhuk before adoption. Name of Allah, the name al-Rahman al-Rahim's name, is an injection of magic to carve a blessed spirit of the new baby qalbu recognize the former. There were no doctors, no sophisticated equipment that can detect the arts Asmaul Husna qalbu baby.

2) When children enter school, teachers are mencambah, cultivating the seeds that were sown by the mother at home just now. And when they passed the school and entered the working world, the people moving in all areas of life, the government will continue, guiding, and execute all the seeds are sown at home and at school, so it was changed and the positive results that meet the requirements: faith and obedience to God. Firman Allah SWT:

ولو أن أهل القرى آمنوا واتقوا لفتحنا عليهم بركات من السماء والأرض ولكن كذبوا فأخذناهم بما كانوا يكسبون - سورة الأعراف, أية 96

Which means: If the people of the states believe and do right, Surely we will make them all kinds of blessings from heaven and earth, but they deny (the verses), and that, so we seized them because of his actions.

It is very disappointing because we reject the good-smart prevention of Allah SWT. How do people want to keep the government should limit its own authority to ignore hududullah limit yourself? When the government violates hudud God, the people living by themselves without limit. Here and there a breach of hudud God carelessly.

The spread of photos and video of damage through the Internet and mass media and witnessed by the young people we are getting closer every day to the symptoms of moral decadence and moral. Thus the nature of any constraints of law and finance, we are in Kelantan have been doing so far can afford to put the rule of Islam as Sharia is not ruled. Born Syariah Criminal Code Enactment (II) Kelantan in 1993 the contribution of ideas and personalities garapan some laws like the late Prof. Ahmad Ibrahim, the late Prof. Saidun Awang Mahmud Osman, and several other names. However, a letter dated June 8, 1994 from the Prime Minister of Malaysia at that time the Chief Minister of Kelantan has the wishes of this pure state of Kelantan.

We never despaired. What we are able to perform under the jurisdiction of the state government will be implemented. We limit the sale of alcohol, banned usury, prohibiting dance events at the ceremony, reception, serving drinks to enforce the prohibition of alcohol in hotels and many other changes we have introduced are all derived from the teachings of the Quran.

To ensure that the duty of covering the aurat running, we require that any billboards only show pictures that cover private parts, we also require that the Muslim traders in the business premises besides dressing covering aurat is compulsory for a Muslim government employee's private parts with a perfect cover. As for who is not Muslim, so we can dress the tree with care and courtesy. All this to ensure that the surroundings are not contaminated by exposure to draw attention to practices that lead to sex and adultery. What could we do in the jurisdiction of our state government is run. The rest lies on the shoulders of the federal government because we respect the concept of federalism. Chest Slap question of faith.

Finally, I once again congratulate the parties for the successful JAHEIK organized hududullah celebration this year. Hopefully with this organization, we always remind the people of Kelantan, especially the obligation to implement and maintain the laws of Allah SWT always terpikul every time. Hopefully, all our practices are rewarded with Allah SWT.

Article on the speech Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat Opening Ceremony celebration Hudud State on 9 Ramadhan 1431H equivalent August 19, 2010 at the Islamic Center of the General Assembly Lundang, Kota Bharu

Offer amnesty Ramadhan fasting

"From Abu Hurairah, may Allah said:" It is encouraging qiyamullail Prophet (night prayer) in Ramadan without a mandatory order, he said, "Whoever night prayers in Ramadan because of faith and hope for reward from Allah, his sins were forgiven ago. "

Whoever fasted Ramadan with faith and hope are pleased God, his sins will be forgiven before. "(Reported by Al-Bukhari and Muslim from Abu Hurairah)

Narrated by Abu Hurairah that the Ar-Rasul SAW said: "Whoever fasted the full faith and sincerity will be forgiven his sins of the past and future sins, and those who turn qiyamullail with faith and sincerity will be forgiven his sins of the past and that will be come.

Anyone who mengenyangkan the fast God has forgiven his sin, God gave a drink from the pond Haudh a drink without thirst, thirsty again later, to enter it into heaven, and reward like the reward of fasting.

"Those who turn a full night of Laylat al Qadr with faith and hope for reward, he has forgiven his past sins and those who fasted the month of Ramadhan with faith and hope for reward, he has forgiven his past sins." Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim

Mauidzah : Time makruh prayers do not establish a causal

Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat

If it only once prayers " istikharah ' have not received any indication of the good , and then repeat a second time .

Among scholars who argue that there teresebut repeat prayers to one week .

Sometimes God opens doors of our hearts that istikharah , did God gave through his sincerity .

In his conversation is destined to touch the matter , and terjawablah istikharahnya to yield SWT .

At times, God gave a clear indication of a dream , told in real time and fahamlah through the dream . Did the dream requires ta'bir ' by those who know the secret of dreams.

It is now time, to describe the time makrooh to fulfill prayers . In the sense that 24 hours has given God all the time can not be used for prayer .

Although prayer is the ultimate worship with Allah SWT , but the chamber must be in the manner required of his rule .

No matter how beautiful and good things of worship according to their own opinions , the worship of God will be rejected if does not meet the requirements of God .

In a lot of things that need to be aware of the time , there are five prayers during the makruh do .

First , after prayers Ashar . Second , after morning prayers . The third time during the middle of the day 's decline ( zawal ) . four time points during the day are up on the eastern horizon . Second day of the fifth when the eye is falling in western horizon .

All five times mentioned that makruh prayers are not causal , as mutlaq prayers , including prayers for the intention to appear and for whatsoever reason ( the latest ) .

As for the apology as a compensatory ritual prayers ratibah prayers ( obligatory prayers kapit ) because of any reason , with prayers mengqadha melazimkan ratibah for prayers , which are usually done . Only because of some illness that left prayers .

Including the reason is the prayer of eclipse prayer ( kusyuf ) funeral prayer . reason for not praying five dimakruhkan do so at the specified time .

As was done by the Messenger itself , narrated : The Prophet s.a.w. prayer was observed after prayers Ashar , and one friend said : O Messenger of Allah , not you ever ask us not to pray the prayers Ashar ?

Prophet said : " That which I observed to rest, instead of ( compensatory ritual ) observed the noon prayers , as have guests come to my house cause I did not have time after noon prayers . "

The second hadith is a sign that he s.a.w. have used the time to compensatory ritual prayers tahajud makruh , the hadith narrated by Saiyidatina ' she r. anha , said : " He 's the one once too sleepy or sick , cause he can not wake up at night to tahajud , but he 's compensatory ritual in the early morning prayers ( after the morning prayer ) and offered twelve . "

The Hadith shows that he s.a.w. tahajud compensatory ritual prayers had in the early morning , the time dimakruhkan prayers are not causal .

As the Prophet s.a.w. a reason why he could not get up prayers tahajud night , the prayers tahajud digantinya in the early morning .

Secret dimakruhkan by Islamic prayers at this time is to avoid religion like the performer points today .

Indeed, Islam teaches its followers to worship in their own ways , as emphasized by the Qur'an and Sunnah of the Prophet 's Is not mimic or resemble worship of other religions , including worship points today .

' Illat is even specifically with the prayer , but it includes other things , including the question of morals or manners , and the question to cover the aurat ( especially women ) are required by the Qur'an , even politics and administration of Islamic countries .

By doing so it is clear distinction between personal or lifestyle of Muslim believers , a community of other kuffar .

Islamic Virtue very clear in public perception , the way of life based on faith because syari'at do with Islam , with the challenging syari'at God .

Among the types of worship among the people reject the worship of God is worshiped points today . Worship is done during the day up points early in the morning , when the noon -day point decline ( zawal ) and at points the day when the twilight falls .

Thus , if the Muslims during the prayers , it is considered similar to religious worship points , except compensatory ritual prayers and pray that reason .

Based on events occurring compensatory ritual prayers to the Prophet , Imam Ghazali also consider not only prayers , but someone has wirid practices , and detained because of an illness , it is necessary wirid diqadha at other times . why he would not sit down without wirid it . - lanh / mcc . _

Friday ethics : not far from human testing

Zainudin Ustaz Hashim

In the Qur'an , have described a number of tests that must be traveled by each individual Muslim , whether it is a test form of hunger , fear , a test with some dietary sources , properties , testing in the life of God is to know who among the slaves His most conscious of Him .

it is intended that all Muslims are more mature in dealing with the struggle of life . God does not give them adrift in a test which comes to them , but he taught them to take refuge and beg to worship Him through prayers and patience in the face of the test.

God 's Word through verse 45 of Surat al - Baqara , says: " Let nature of patience and prayers as your patron . But this is very serious , but to those who are humble . "

In verse 153 , the He explains its meaning : " O you who believe , make me patience and prayers as your patron , verily Allah is with those who patiently persevere . "

Both of the above sentence , explaining that God has placed the most important requirements in the face of his trial was to Many patient and do prayers , whether obligatory or supererogatory , because of which we can beg him to save us from any a calamity that can befall us at any time .

The nature of the patient was born, people suffer tough test from Allah SWT , it aims to empower themselves Muslims to stay connected with God as a sign of their submission to Allah , and patient could be categorized as follows ;

1 . Patient in implementing all of God's commandments with a sense of humility and do anything to him.

2 . Patience in all prohibitions and restrictions left him with a sense of responsibility .

Three . Patience in dealing with all the trials , because it contains the right for all .

4 . Patience when dealing with sin.

5 . Patient conditions and disaster .

When viewed the history of the Anbiya none of them are not tested by God , but the test does not inflict on them the same between a messenger to the other , so he is stressed in hadisnya which means : " The Anbiya is the most horrible upon testing by God , then those similar to them ( the scholars ). "

Accordingly, the late Ustaz Mustafa popular ( the fifth General Mursyidul Ikhwan Muslimun through writing ' supply to the Da'ie ' have said, that any particular individual or a congregation of Islamic struggle , if not through the testing process , it may not yet be said successful in dakwah .

Several items related to the test

1 . That God made the test as his sunnah , so he knows among his servants honest and which are false , where true believers , and where the hypocrites. In the event of all things is easy and filled with excitement , then everyone will acknowledge that he is a man of honesty , truth and faith. However , Allah knows those who are really honest and who perform the prayers five times .

2 . Among the lessons that can be taken from each test , the cleaning person who committed the sovereign cause of Islam, that Allah may know those who are insulting those who works with a variety of malicious actions , including the da'ie , science students , scholars and the saints of God.

Three . Between the secret of a trial that sent him to the earth 's surface , the removal of many sins that are in themselves of those options , so that God will gugurkannya to root umbinya .

4 . That the Islamic religion , though often told that they have won and won , actually in the middle of the trip, still full of challenges and opposition , attempts and conspiracies merintang evil , so a believer still worried face various conspiracy launched a foul demons in the form of barbarous people from every door , window and every direction .

5 . We are able to garner a variety of conspiracy evil enemies of Islam , until we know that they smell a conspiracy not only restricted in one dimension , but come from all directions and places, murder , imprisonment , exile , both libel , lies , etc. tipudaya . But all that will end in failure.

6 . Among the lessons that can be taken from tests upon , namely that of a slave is always fighting and come out of inferiority and humiliation gap , and fighting back with new energy and spirit and restore activities after exit from this test successfully.

7 . To be a servant humility , obedience , humility and seek refuge in Allah and bermunajat to him, because victory is in his hands , and the glory is just there to humble him .

8 . Honesty and confidence in faith to Allah SWT . This can be known by those who have tried to incorporate the word La god Ilallah , where strong integrity would not see except when the servants get a test , and that is saying a word, faith is expressed with honesty and confidence in themselves.

Thus , faith can be seen clearly in crisis times , as the word of God through verse 65 of Surat al - Ankabut which means : "When they board the ship , they pray to Allah, obedience to enhancing it. " - lanh _

Rays Friday : Find peace in the mosque , mosque

Zainudin Ustaz Hashim

There is no better place on earth other than the houses of Allah to be known as a mosque or prayer room. This is due to the rising of the peace who situlah dream by all people , the people who do develop itself into the best man of God who lived with the practices of the liturgy is only in Him .

There is no place on earth that can promise peace and tranquility of life , but the house of God . Hence there is a hadith the Prophet s.a.w. He stressed that the house is not just promising peace , but some other favors as a motivation to do good.

This hadith has been mentioned by the Prophet s.a.w. narrated by Imam Muslim from Abu Hurairah, meaning: "No people gather in one house from the houses of Allah ( mosque / prayer room ) , read the Book of Allah ( the Quran ) and the discussion about it among themselves , but they calm down on their surrounded by grace of God, surrounded by the angels ( write all their own good ) , and Allah will always remember them ( because they remember him ) . "

All the promises he is thrown by him on the above hadith , is not an empty rhetoric as the promise in the election , it promises to be fulfilled by the God of the Muslims to be the best people to achieve peace , live peace , mercy of Allah and most importantly they are remembered by God as the Creator of mankind .

Promises are given when available among Muslim people that have good characteristics such as reading and discussing the Quran , in the sense they are ready to examine substance - contents as a reference , beliefs , understanding proper ramp .

Therefore , God insisted that Muslims are willing to live upon his house is made up of those who truly have faith that the quality perfect.

This ditegaskannya through verse 18 Surah At- Touba meaning: " He only entitled to inhabit ( turn ) the mosques of Allah are those who believe in Allah and the Last Day establish regular prayers and regular charity and fear none except Allah , ( with the characteristics of these ) but they are expected to be among those who receive guidance . "

The above verse clearly shows that a strong faith , hold a firm belief in the Hereafter , the main duties of prayer, pay Zakah and fear only Allah and no other besides Him , are the main weapons in order to maintain a person who believes that a home pemakmur God is faithful .

Where young people in this?

Muslim teenager today is more prominent with the ' Mat / Minah rempit ' , a group who like a waste of time as involved in the culture of loitering here and there , involved with extreme entertainment programs , the state supporters of football clubs and various other .

Muslim teenagers today do not try to improve the performance of their understanding of Islam , so that could be the drug addicts , with the appearance of the pests that are not religious at all show ' Islamic ' , but Islam did embarrass themselves.

Some of them could be among those who made the deed for mosque programs , and act wild stop those who want the mosque or prayer room , or whether there is in those who play sports near the mosque , but did not ignore the call is sounded at dusk , stops when there is criticism from certain quarters .

This is said to act like the demolition of the mosque , many groups concerned with such action , especially if the action can be associated with the word of God through verse 114 Surah al - Baqarah which means : " And who is more unjust than those who suppressed and barred from using the mosques of Allah (to pray) and the name of God in them , and they seek to destroy the mosques ? Those , therefore, not sepatunya into mosques but in the sense of respect and fear of God (not in what they are doing it) . They ( the act ) will be disgrace in the world , and in the Hereafter a great torment . "

That's all they do not represent the Muslims living in serious , even life direction and they are vague , and thus what is expected of a Muslim youth sparked think this is a very deep awareness of Islam, when Islam diinjak , difitnah , dimahkamahkan , accused with the negative approach , therefore urged all youth to be young , as was mentioned by al- Quran by the term ' Ashabul Kahfi ' and ' Ashabul Ukhdud .

Know that the youth of this age would not be spared from the calculation in the presence of God in the Hereafter . It was pointed out by His Majesty 's in the Hadith which means : " Prior to both legs of Adam ( man ) slipped to put in heaven or hell , he will be asked to do four things : time teens spend what was he , the old what was done ( for good himself ) , the wealth of the resources available and how it was incurred, the knowledge , what was he doing. " ( Hadith narrated by Mu'az Bin Jabal ) .

Teenagers today have to follow the teenagers in the past , especially among friends and others, they also have feelings to enjoy fun , think I ' enjoy ' , but they are constrained because they do not give anything to Islam , so young today also be studied history to restore confidence in Islam . - lanh _

Signs behind the Bismillah

Bismillah is the term / short name of the Holy 'BISMILLAHIR ROHMAANIR ROHIIM' which means' In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, Most> Merciful. "

Advantages of Bismillah

1. The first one is written Qalam Bismillah. So when you write something, then write Bismillah Bismillah written initially for every revelation which Allah revealed to Gabriel ..

2. Bismillah and umahmu you, tell them when to apply for something with Bismillah. I will leave it a while since Bismillah points down to Adam. '(Hadith Qudsi)

3. Bismillah As revealed to the world, all the clouds ran to the west, silent winds, rough sea, listening to the whole animal and terlempar all demons.

4. By Allah, alone, is not Bismillah is recited at the pain but the medication for it and not Bismillah recited above but God gave a blessing to them.

5. Whoever wants to live happily and die in battle, then recite Bismillah, each time starting a good thing.

6. The number of letters in BSMILLAH have 19 letters and they will have 19 (QS. AL Muddatsir: 30). Ibn Masud said: "Anyone who wants God to save
of the 19 angels hell then recite Bismillah 19 times each day. '

7. Each letter is JUNNAH Bismillah (guardian / servant) to each letter said, 'Who shall we read Bismillah strength and we are lies. '

8. The man who preferred writing Bismillah He will carry his name in heaven is very high, and forgiven all the sins of her parents.

9. Whoever will recite Bismillah then to celebrate the mountain.

10. The man who read Bismillah of 21 times when to sleep, it will be protected from Shaitan, theft and fire, sudden death and demolition.

11. The man who read Bismillah by 50 times in front of the unjust, hinalah and in fear in the hearts of the wicked, and courage and great ride to the readers ..

Nik Aziz Listed Top 50 Most Influential In Muslim World

The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center for the first time published a book " The 500 Most Influential Muslims In The World " in 2009 .

The Muslim leaders from around the world selected entry in the register among the Muslims who are deemed to have the ability to influence the human condition and can make a difference in the lives of many people .

" 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World " during the year 2009 is , divided in 15 categories , among other categories of scholars , politicians , intellectuals , women , youth , science and technology , media category to Muslim radicals .

The name of the Malaysian Islamic figures listed are Mursyidul Am PAS , TG Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat who was ranked 42 of the total 500 Influential Muslim .

Another prominent Muslim world in the register 50 starts with the top level leaders , Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud ; Iran's spiritual leader , Syed Ali Khamenei ; Turkish PM Recep Tayyib Erdogan ; Imam Besar Masjid Al - Azhar University and the leadership of Al - Azhar , Kairo , Dr Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi ; Sheikh Yusuf Al - Qaradawi : Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt Sheikh Mohammad Mahdi Akef , Sekjen Hezbollah , Syed Hassan Nasrallah and Hamas leadership , Khaleed Mishal .

Name Anwar Ibrahim has been listed in the LIS 450 " Honourable Mention "in the performance of their respective areas and among Muslims is a significant figure in the world . Anwar Ibrahim, is listed in the name of politics together with the name of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad Mahathir , but the name is not listed in the " Honorable Mention " .

Among scholars , from Malaysia who is listed Prof. Emeritus Dato Osman BakarDeputy Vice- Chancellor , University of Malaya and Professor of Law , International Islamic University , Assoc . Dr. Mohammad Hashim Kamali.

Mohideen Abdul Kadir, Vice President of the Consumers Association in the Development category , while Barry Group also listed in the category of Arts and Culture .

Two leaders of the SIS and proponents often caused controversy among feminist liberal Islam , Sharifah Aljeffri and Zaynah Anwar also listed .

In the introduction to the book published to help and breaking the influence of Muslims in the world today and beragamnya Islamic groups in the world.

The compilation of this book involves the observers of the Muslim world that his name is widely known all over the world , Professor John Esposito and Professor Ibrahim Kalin as the main editor .

Mauizah : Please forgive , cover the sins of shame exposed

Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat

God 's Word says: " And ( also ) those who, when they perform acts of indecency or wrong themselves , they remember Allah and ask forgiveness for their sins and who else who can forgive sins except Allah ? " ( Surah Ali Imran verse 135 )

Forgiveness means ask forgiveness from Allah SWT . ask forgiveness also means ditudung (closed ) all the mistakes or errors.

Request to be protected during the development of the graves in the drive later , the shame is not exposed to the public .

In Surah Ali Imran, verse 135 , God describes the nature of good faith among the " ashi , when do the bad or wrong and expose oneself to the fire hazard . So remember and ask forgiveness ( forgiveness ) to ask God for his sins ditudung .

Regret to disobey God for him, with members dikurnia by Allah SWT .

Broke the eye for things that look illegal . Rebel with a tongue as contracted and that ' illegal . Rebel with a mouth for eating things that are illegal.

All members of the body is a gift of God , which was supposed to obey and serve him , not vice versa .

His Word again , which means: " And whoever earns evil and unjust to himself , then he ask forgiveness of Allah , he would have found Allah Oft- Forgiving, Most Merciful Pengangampun . " ( Surah An- Nisa verse 110 )

In these verses explain that the people who have committed crimes or oppress yourself , then remember Allah and repeatedly will find that God is a countenance very like forgive sins , and is more kind to people .

Believing that ' ashi ( end) should be confident that his sins will diampun and protected from public view , with the condition that they regret and repentance from the heart that have yourselves .

Wholeheartedly committed no crime yet , so lisannya mention ' stylish ' or ' illa anta Lailaha inni kuntu minaz zolimin or Allahummaghfirli wa liwalidaiyya .

Or the army of Samaria, what shows they will not repeat the errors and mistakes that were made.

Hopefully , God , God will accept the repentance of their sins and ditudungnya . Given the ability of the liver against it when requested to do so .

I feel shame and fear , eventually people will be compliant and obedient to God . God 's Word says: " So glorify the praises of thy Lord and ask forgiveness of Him . He is Oft -Forgiving . " ( Surah An- Nashr verse 3 )

All work starts from the outer member on instinct . If a hymn and repeatedly rising from the bosom realize , as a result of that attitude in the period shortly , will rise to personal embarrassment to deny forgiveness is spoken .

Word of God again , which means: " And ask for forgiveness in the hours of the morning ( before dawn ) . " ( Surah Ali Imran verse 17 )

The nature of the believers is that they wake up before dawn to try repeatedly to God . Can be repeatedly during the day , but probably just imitating other people repeatedly .

As to wake before dawn is a symbol of sincerity to God , because many men still sleep sleep .

Some characteristics of a believer is only a little sleep at night. People want this on the day I may do things contrary to the tenets of God .

On the other hand , if someone repeatedly and chanting in the night because of the pull the attention of the neighbors , so that neighbors know he is getting work at night , would have no positive effect on the day , because he do just pull the attention of people .

He s.a.w. repeatedly with love : " O Allah wa Subhanaka bihamdika O Ighfirli . Innaka Tauwwabur Antat - Rahim " Which means : " Glory to Thee ( from the nature of the shortage ) , O my Lord , I praise Thee , O Lord, forgive ( the sin of ) me. Lo You are the recipient of repentance , Most Merciful . "

Pronouncement of the word forgiveness is at the end reading " Ighfirli " , but said the words starting with praise and flowers compliment .

That is pure praise God from the nature of the gaps and weaknesses . Bertahmid praise Him with the glory of the infinite .

Before requesting an advance of God praise Him with praise words . This method is preferred by God Almighty for putting him in the most pure and noble , according to the nature of the Face of His Majesty .

Thus if a person is hard hymn say ' Subhanallah ' with full awareness , such as saying ' Subhanallah ' , which means "Glory to Allah ignorance , meaning He is God the Most Knowledgeable .

repeatedly mention ' Subhanallah ' Glory to God from the nature of the weakness of others , means that He is Lord of all nature is full of Perfection . Sanjunglah God with praise and Tahmid . - lanh _

Badr inspire Muslims in Ramadan.

Zaini Hashimi

Ethics Ramadan After his Prophet 's migration to Medina, and hostility from those who Quraish against the Muslims still have not subsided.

Torture and harassment of Muslims they are still in town and did not get out of the city is becoming more rampant.

On the other hand the property left by those who had emigrated to Medina were seized by the Quraish .

This will be the basis for his Messenger to block the Quraish trade caravan passing near Madinah on a business trip to Syria or from Syria to Mecca .

The second year of Hijrah , the Prophet 's companions with 313 to block the move towards Badr Quraish caravan which brought the property from the overflow of business in Syria .

After hearing the news, Abu Sufyan , who led this caravan , to send envoys to Mecca to seek help Quraish army in the face of this threat .

For the Quraish , the Muslims kafilahnya restriction does not mean loss of property , but what is most important for the dignity of the quarter in this city .

For that , Abu Jahl who was one of the leading aristocratic Quraish with a thousand people , complete with tools of war left the city of Mecca , and moved to Badr .

While the caravan led by Abu Sufyan with the alternative route across the successful release of the restrictions people.

Abu Sufyan asked to send a mission to return to Makkah , Abu Jahl for which he had escaped the danger of sanctions .

But the message is rejected by Abu Jahl was soon ready to face the team fighting for Islam Madinah .

At Badr , the Muslim forces led by the Messenger of Allah was preparing the full sphere . small team of 313 people and equipment like the rate , ready to face a thousand people in the line of heavily armed Quraish .

But faith which is owned by Muslims to be back up and encourage them to rigid and ready waiting for death in the way of Allah who basalannya is heaven.

Accurate at the date of 17 Ramadan in the migration , the Badr war garbled when starting with the one on one confrontation between the three parties of the two lines of the war.

One by one representative of the enemy casualties. bersimbah blood here and there . Soon , news spread that Abu Jahl who was referred to Allah as the Pharaoh in the middle of these people died in the hands of Muslim forces .

With the deaths of Abu Jahl and some Quraish leaders on the battlefield of Badr to Mecca blow for the team that finally chose to run away .

In the battle of Badr , the team suffered a loss of seventy Quraish killed and seventy others into captivity.

While the spoils of war left is not a small amount , estimated at 150 camels , ten horses , a leather and fabric , and war equipment left behind by the team who fled Mecca to escape langgang Ride .

The atmosphere on the night of the war of Badr

That night there some magic , the fear and pressure on the Muslims who have suddenly lost , the Islamic forces to spend the night with calm and serene , and finally fall asleep with the content.

no rain fall, wet sand up to a full field of Badr and soft when stepped on ( the sand is dry , like beach sand , making walking difficult ) . This is like the promise of Allah in Al- Anfal ( eight letters ) verse 8 :

" ( Remember ) when He made you sleepy as a security from Him , and He sent down upon you water from the sky to cleanse you with the rain and away from your evil interference - interference and to strengthen your heart , and to foot ( mu ) . "

Dawn Day , Abu Bakr " disrupt " the Messenger of worship because it is about to reject Quraish approached the Muslims.

Islamic Force to prepare immediately , when the team is clearly Quraish disbelieved by the messenger , messengers say their prayers , " O Allah, Quraish tribe who refused to disbelieve menyembahMu and hoodwink messenger are here . O God , we wait and megharapkan out before victory You promised me and his friend . We ask Thee , O God , to defeat them . "

He requested the opinion of friends before leaving to Badr

On the other hand the Muslims , who have lost the opportunity to get the spoils , have agreed to stand against the enemy when attacked .

Therefore, they immediately went into place in the spring of Badr , and the journey is much easier time because it was raining .

Once they are close to water , the Prophet stopped . Someone called Hubab bin Munzir bin Jamuh , most people know or be deemed to be an expert on about the place , seeing him off at the place , he said : " Allah , how do you think to stop at this place ? If this is revelation of God , we will not forward or backward setapakpun from this place . Or is just your own opinion , merely a tactic of war ? "

" Just my opinion and as a tactic of war , "replied the Prophet .

" Allah , " he said. "If so , do not we stop right in this place . Let's move up to the nearest water point is to know the place with confidence , and dry wells in the back of the piles after we acquired the water . Then we make a pond , we full cost . Then they fight we face . We will have water to drink , they do not . "

Viewing Advice Hubab so accurate that, the Prophet Muhammad and his party was prepared immediately and in the opinion of his colleagues that, while saying to his companions that he is human like them , and that an opinion can dimusyawarahkan together and he would not use outside their own opinion . He should be very happy to get a good consultation among themselves.

Finished pool is made, Sa'd b. Mu'az provide motion : " Allah , " he said , "we will make a loom was the place to stay Lord , Lord vehicles we offer. But let us face the enemy . If God give us victory over our enemies , that is what we expect.

" But if it happens otherwise ; the vehicle You can follow friends who are behind us . He is still a lot of our friends who live in the back , and they love to love you no less from us to you .

" If they suspect that you will confront the war , they would not be separated from you . For those God protect you . They are really sincere to you , fight with you . "

Prophet Muhammad 's very good value and accept the recommendations of Sa'd . A loom was the last prophet was developed . So when will the victory is not in the hands of Muslims , it will not fall into enemy hands , and still be able to join Muhammad in Yathrib .

Here, people need to stop for a while with great admiration, admiration to see such loyalty in the Muslim , so their love of the Prophet , and to trust to his teaching .

All they know , that the strength of the Quraish far greater than their strength , many times the total three-fold . But , even so , they are willing to face , they are willing to fight .

And this is what they have lost the opportunity for booty. But even so it is not of material , which led them to fight , they 'd be beside him , to support , to give strength .

And these are also in doubt , the hope of winning, and emergencies will be lost . But , even so , their minds always want to protect him , to save her from the hands of the enemy . They prepare the way for him to contact those who are still living in Medina .

how the atmosphere is more to be admired from this ? Faith is more secure which would give the victory of faith is like this ?

To determine the fate of 70 prisoners

He 's looking for his opportunity and space have to meet two close friends to ask their views on issues of both prisoners .

Abu Bakr said that each of them teach ten Muslim children in the various branches of knowledge , so that all 700 of them to the Muslims to be clever and literate knowledge , this is the personal opinion Messenger

However, Omar did not agree with that view , he suggested that each had been killed only because they are the cause of the problem of polytheism and opposition to the teachings of the Prophet if he still wanted them to survive .

He could not say anything against the two views are completely contradictory to each other , but that night he received divine revelation that all prisoners be removed from this earth , dirakan story through verse 67 of Surat al - Anfal : Not fit for a prophet to have ( keep ) it can immobilize prisoners sebelim musushnya on earth . You hope for worldly possessions , while Allah desires (for ) the Hereafter for you . And Allah is Mighty, Wise. "

The next day , he met again with two friend of God on the problem of rigor state prisoners , as he described the attitude of Abu Bakr as Noah, and Jesus, and described the attitude of Omar as Abraham and Moses, who is strict in all tandak - horns .

Finally he said the Messenger of Allah commands that all prisoners must be eliminated from this earth muaka immediately before the various other actions appear to undermine Islam and its followers .

Why war is so special ?

First , it is Allah's war with the victory despite his team having only totaled 313 friends (consisting of 82 nevertheless , 61 from Aus and 170 from the quarter Kharaj quarter ) and force the Muslims only have two horses and 70 camels , but a delayed tail until two or three people .

Second , he held meetings in advance of departure to Badr , for his action was not in the least to reduce its position as a top leader of the Muslims and the matter of determining the fate of the captives amounted to a total of 70 people , he sought the views of two of the closest companions of Sayyidina Abu Bakr and Sayyidina Omar Bin Al - Khattab, to solve the problem.

Third , the role of prayer that he taught the core and the catalyst before any action is made , it seeks to obtain pleasure and blessing of Allah .

Fourth , despite the tough conditions in the war , it was not a bit of mengalang Muslims continued to fast , let alone it is Allah's command and complementary to the five pillars of Islam .

Fifth , a small number of non- measurement to be easily defeated , an important commitment , integrity of self-esteem , cooperation and planning to become a great a success .

Sixth , adherence to the direction the leadership is unwavering in matters of religion is not in dispute , the key success factors for success .

Seventh , find out the source of enemy war equipment such as knowledge of the Prophet on the number of camels belonging to Quraish army can help launch a war strategy .

Eighth , to send representatives to meet the enemy of great individuals like Sayyidina Hamzah , Ali can frighten the enemy , because they think that the Muslims have a difficult team defeated powerful war .

Ninth , intentions and goals of the war turned to face the enemy of Allah and raise the symbols of the symbols of his religion , not for the purpose of winning the world's wealth and the slight rake .

Tenth , a brilliant way of thinking should be thrown when holding a discussion to find a solution like that of Abu Bakr and Omar to resolve the issue of prisoners of war . Eleventh , as a prophet , he did not sedkitpun embarrassment to accept the views of his friend who is not a prophet or a messenger class in certain issues to seek solutions.

Twelve , for a lot of positive lessons to be taken into account by every individual Muslim who loves his religion to a level of strength in the various activities of daily living. _

Tafsir Al - Maidah verse 73-75 : Christians , Jews no effort to argue.

Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang

God's Word says: And if they do not stop to what they say . (Surah al - Maidah : 73)

If if they do not stop alleged that Allah is one of the three elements and Jesus as Lord .

He said that means , there would need to be disbelievers among them a painful punishment . "(Surah al - Maidah : 73 )

The unbelievers among them must be a painful punishment . They warned that hard after being given advice .

It is the Christians and Jews in the stubborn problem of faith . When asked to discuss their run and they did not dare to debate the problem of divine . Only those in the rural areas to spread Christian propaganda which many of the people in the area of the ignorant , poor and indigenous people . They can lie to the community such .

Otherwise they can not argue and deal with people who have knowledge. They run and do not dare deal with the public in the area. Much of the evidence and the evidence shows that they dare not face the truth.

This has happened in their own country including the UK and the United States . Priests they do not dare to argue with Muslims. Of course they do not correct this matter .

Even those who argue with the Najran Christians Messenger not be able to argue . When they asked bermubahalah to reduce the curse of Allah on the one who lies. However, they rejected the invitation. Means that they realize that they belong among those who are not true .

God's word which means : Would they not repent to Allah and seek forgiveness from Him and He is Oft- Forgiving, Most Merciful. " ( Surah al - Maidah : 74 )

Why they do not take advantage of the door of repentance is open wide ? They do not take advantage of forgiveness and God's kindness to repent , to ask God to forgive them . Why are stubborn in their disbelief that ?

Allah Almighty said to them, and the verse of the Qur'an is read to them . Some of those who understand the language of the Qur'an as there are Arab .

It also orientalis understand language and the meaning of the contents of the Quran . When asked to surrender they refused because they claimed that God Almighty has the seal ( close ) to their hearts .

This is the behavior of Krisitian . He said subsequent to that , "There is nothing al - Masih Ibn Mariam , except he was a messenger sent by God . Indeed, had previously passed the other apostles . ( Surah al - Maidah : 75 )

Jesus son of Mary is a messenger as the other apostles who were inspired by God .

All messengers are not claiming to be God , including Jesus If a messenger is the messenger of other gods became gods as well. But all the apostles declare that they are servants of Allah and His Messenger . Similarly, Isa al - Masih son of Mary .

God's Word says: And his mother was a let God. "(Surah al - Maidah : 75 )

He believed his mother Mary and His promises and grace of his , including news that will come . He believed in him.

Up to Jesus, Mary, pregnant in the face of very great test for pregnant without a husband .

God promised , and he believed God's promise. He did not commit suicide . He did not ask to be switched off so as not to face a terrible test .

She patiently endure . Mary Cross is one which allows God and believe in him. lanh _

Jews want the Muslims to be unbelievers

Excerpt from the book ' Business bad Jews ' Kuliyyah Tafsir Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang , 1317 page 124 chapter . _

Obviously the Jews seek to Muslims that they will . Among their way of life that we get the bright and clear that theories of politics , economics , education, performed on this day or that called socialism , capitalism , pragmatism , democracy and the like , examination of these theories are born of the Jews or a Christian .

They create and the theories of philosophy, in which many Muslims believe in this theory so willing to reject Islam does not recognize himself once had to be disbelieved . This is what the unbelievers of Allah Almighty mentioned in the verse that we must perceive .

What's happening is because they envy the fact of their truth. They already know that Islam is the religion of truth . Of course we heard many people who do not believe in Islam by claiming that Islam is correct .

If asked why Islam does not want to join ? They say Muslims can not and is not suitable to be implemented at the present time . The statement is similar to what is mentioned in the verses of the Qur'an .

To the People of the Book at the time of the Prophet , Allah commanded to forgive them and leave them until Allah brings His command of Allah is Powerful over all things , the meaning of verse 109 of Surat al - Baqarah .

forgive them abrogated verse ruling . If we see Allah states in verse until Allah brings His command . What is the command ? His command is the word of Allah in verse 29 Surah At- Touba , meaning: Fight those who believe not in Allah .

Almighty Allah says: "And establish the prayer and pay zakat , and whatever of good you send ahead for yourselves , you surely will find the rewards from Allah . Surely Allah sees well all that ye do.

And they ( Jews and Christians ) say: " Not at all, will enter Paradise except those who are Jews or Christians . " That is their only dream . Say ( O Muhammad ) : " Bring forth your evidence ( to prove the truth of) what you say, if ye are truthful . "

( What you say is not true ) but those who surrender themselves to Allah ( to comply with his order ) , when he was trying to be good practice, but it will reward with his Lord and shall be no fear ( of the incident is not good ) against them , and they will grieve .

And the Jews say : " The Christians do not have anything ( good) "and the Christians say : " The Jews have naught ( good) " when they read their holy book ( Torah and Gospel ) . Likewise those ( idolaters from the Islamic period ) who have no knowledge , like to what they say . He will judge ( judge ) of them at the last day on which they disagree.

In the above verse , Allah tells the Jews and the Christians and the error in the confusion between error and evil , among others, are saying that they will not enter heaven except the Jews. Means other than the Jews , will not be the same way God into heaven .

Relationship Nuzul Quran , Laylat al Qadr and political

Abdullah Azzam al - Qumi

God selected the month of Ramadan as the month for us to fast on some things . Among the most significant , it is the history of the Qur'an in one night in the month of Ramadan .

"( The time required to you is fasting ) month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur'an , a guidance for mankind and clear proofs of the guidance and ( explain ) the difference between right and wrong ... " ( meaning Al - Baqarah : 185 )

Therefore , we are encouraged to read , Tadarus al - Quran during Ramadan as a way to respect the Quran as the month of Ramadan has been chosen as the month in which the book suciNya down .

[ Actually , we are encouraged bertadarus on the outside of Ramadan . But this month we are increasingly encouraged to do so , especially , the month of Ramadan, the month it is remembered as the Qur'an . ]

While in the month of Ramadan is also a generous provision of night . Night was a glorious night for that Laylat al Qadr hadirnya which directly relate to the glorious event of the story because it al - Quran at night better than thousand months.

Word of God in surah Al - Qadr , meaning:

[ 1 ] We have sent down ( the Qur'an ) on the Night of Power .

[ 2 ] And what will explain to thee what the Night of Power is ?

[ 3 ] The Night of Power is better than a thousand months .

[ 4 ] That night , the angels and the spirit with the permission of their Lord , with all things ( which decrees the following year ) ;

[ 5 ] Peace night ( the blessing ) until the publication of the dawn ! "

In the first sentence , stated clearly that the Quran was revealed on the night of Laylat al Qadr , and of course this happens in the month of Ramadan as jumhur scholar describes it.

( Some Sufis such as Ibn ' Arabi late general books Futuhat Makkiyyah claimed Lailatul Qadar also down in Rabi Awwal , Rabi 'al- End and others outside the Ramadan month . Wallahu'alam . )

This is because the first verse in Surah al - Qadr and the continuation of this has to do with al - Baqarah verse 185 which says that the Quran was revealed on the night of the month of Ramadan .

bermunajat Moses , Moses fasted waiting for it

As informed , the Prophet Muhammad 's relationship with Moses is very close . Like the way the Quran was revealed to the people of Muhammad , then in the same way also the incident occurred on the people of Moses , the Children of Israel .

An age ago, Moses was safe bermunajat 40 days , 40 nights on the hills . He fasted in the 10 Pillars of them or the Ten Commandments ; the event as we fast to remember the events of the fall of al - Quran .

" And ( remember ) when We promise to Moses ( the Torah to him after she prepares for ) forty nights . Then , after he was gone, your worship ( worship), and you actually did wrong ( against themselves ) . ( meaning Al - Baqarah : 51 )

Regulation and the tenets of the new ( Ten Commandments ) are recorded in the form of tablets , inscriptions for the Children of Israel and according to history , Moses breaking the tablets themselves were the terakam on top of his followers that the new regulations . Cause , he enraged the attitude of his followers who worship the calf re- creation gone .

Moses was angry attitude was poured over Aaron . God s.w.t record the incident.

He said : " O son of my mother , do not pluck beard and not attractive ( hair ) head . "I am afraid that you will say to me: ` You have divided the Children lsrael each other, and you are not careful care pesananku ! " ( meaning Taha : 94 )

Genesis is really disappointing Moses for the Children of Israel were almost back to the way of error , but only a small group of remaining faithful to the teachings of Tawheed berkiblatkan original .

Gone , maybe a magic practitioner has taken effect the footsteps of the apostles , to strengthen his magic effect on the children of Israel . When Moses said to gone , the witch said .

" He said : " I know and realize what is not known to them , so I took a handful of the footprint of the messenger, and I threw it , and thus I wound Conditioning nafsuku . " ( Taha : 96 )

Such is the case with the fate of the Muslims today . They can be thrown sorcerer , a witch woman who became his wife a glass of fine and applied if the believer and the mufti was loyal and comfortably maintain its position by taking the attitude of silence ( silent ones ) and tie a knot in his tongue to open in fiscal practices of magic that can be loud wife These beliefs lead people gradually .

Muslim attitudes towards Lailatul Quran

As a nation of Muhammad , we have two of the glory of heaven . Firstly , the Quran down from heaven on the night of Laylat al Qadr in the month of Ramadhan . Secondly, we have instructions obligatory prayer when Muhammad received it in the sky on the night of Isra ' Mikraj .

He 's been questioned about the practice of what is best practice if they meet the Laylat al Qadr . So the prophet asks us to read prayers , " Allahumma inna nas aluka ridhoka wal Jannah wa min na'uzubika sakhatika NAR wan ... "

As Lailatul Qadar is related to the historical decline in the Qur'an , and the angels and the spirit shall accompany the decline down the Qur'an as a guide and a guide , so much as we decorate the night of Laylat al Qadr in prayer is not merely temporal , as applied to so rich , for the project , and others.

Let us seek to have the blessings ( spirit ) in the wealth , that we will know how to use it to benefit , to pay the zakat , charity and reproduce more.

And if we get the project whatsoever , it is not available through the corruption and we are not mengalibabakan construction projects resulting in many abandoned houses . Or if a project is one of the submarines were , it was not invited to the bloody tragedy of the Mongolian woman .

Syahadan , the greatest prayer is a prayer that was taught by him earlier - " Allahumma inna nas aluka ridhoka wal Jannah wa min na'uzubika sakhatika NAR wan . "

Today, we see the average Muslims are finding signs of enthusiasm Laylat al Qadr want compensation for the many rewards that night said to be better than 1,000 months . Also, they are waiting for the night because that night he would pray all the prayers and will wishes .

In fact , because of the myths spread on prostrate trees at night , there among us who are willing to wait for the signal to spread out in front . It was first preferred to delay , time spent waiting for a sign that used to continue to pray for good practice and a better life and perfect .

If we want to pray for a good compensation hereafter , let us pray to be a better world where justice khalifahnya the government . many leaders are called to good works , and indirectly cause potential birth of a world of good , if it please Allah Almighty .

Is it true that the political ( political ) dirty ?

Zainudin Ustaz Hashim

For citizens who do not know about the political course in the country , certainly has his own reasons to say they are non - agreement on the way the political system is seen as deteriorating , especially it is considered dirty by some of the more disgusting .

Is it true that politics in Pakistan or in Muslim countries is that, especially not the Muslim countries that carry out a political system based on political Sharia as the supreme law of the country , as the political scenario shows , that the Arab countries either north Africa and the Gulf political systems tend to Secularism , Capitalism , Socialism and the like .

What if the leaders involved in corruption cases and then it changed to the term political trick people for money , conspiracy , fell down with each other , misconduct , scandal , profiting from the mega projects that only revolves around among them has become a synonym that is not the secret to be closed .

negative actions of such a large impact on the smooth running of the country's political system , which will eventually allow people to drag their actions . Is not such a political practice that pollutes democracy understood as a system that can be trusted ?

Thus , clarification of whether political dirty or otherwise need to be scientifically exposure .

It aims to educate people to always be the individual citizen not just accept the implementation of a political concept , but also willing to debate the political truth that comes out to reveal the truth of God.

If the implementation of the political system in a country run by divine inspiration, truth , the meaning of a deviation in the political system will not come as asserted .

political concept of a theoretical , practical

It is one of important disciplines , and has its own position .

We have been in terms of practical benefit if the country is governed according to principles -based system of administration and government that religious truth diceduk Al - Quran and Hadith Prophet Muhammad saw, because history has shown that the political system governed by His Majesty 's is the best example of all time .

In this regard , Imam Ibn al - Qaiyim al - Jawziah view , that politics is a human behavior to bring extensive benefits and keep them away from any form of damage law in conflict with the law of God .

Political good according to him, is a full administration system in line with the conditions of justice is his claim in the Qur'an and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (See at- Turuq Hukmiah fi al - al - as- political Syar'iah pp 13-15 )

While the Imam al - Ghazali was to define politics, as the world becomes a place to farm to get results in the hereafter .

religion is not perfect but is linked with the world , as imperfect a government without religion , because both are twins that can not be separated from each other . Religion is the principal , the government is the guardian , a matter which has no root , it will collapse and there is a guardian , then it will disappear . ( Ihyak Ulum al - Din seventeenth chapter of knowledge , Dar al - Makrifah , Beirut ) .

The concept of government in accordance with the political Syar'iah

The scholars agreed stating that the government ( Caliph ) is the successor to the first implementation of Islamic law that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him , where he is the custodian of Muslim religious and political policies based on the religious world .

Prophet s.a.w. not only an educator , motivator , the judges , but also a successful politician as head of state or government of Muslims that followed by the government among the Ahl Rasyidun historic glory for successfully ruled the country with justice and harmony in a society based on knowledge and a strong faith .

But what is a problem for people in Muslim countries today, is that they do not get the government to implement the political system in their country clean , fair , transparent , because it was imported from the rules and laws that separate western administration of the religion .

Thus was born the leader or government that has ruled taste with the regulations shall not have to do with Islam . They are willing to bridge the divide among the people of colonial religious , but introduced the ideological philosophy that tends to put mind alone.

Thus , born Islamic movements such as the Ikhwan Muslimun prominent in Egypt and other Arab countries , Jamaat Islami in Pakistan , Masyumi in Indonesia, the MILF in the Philippines , Malaysia and PAS on a dare to enter the political arena because it is part of Islamic teachings . They see that law and Islamic law will not be complete unless involved in politics to hold the executive power to implement Islam .

Attitude and the Islamic movement 's bold move to enter politics , in a way to change perceptions and expectations of society , that Islam can only be debated in the mosques , or in the prayer room , prayer room , but people are not only free the mind think that politicians can not talk about religion , while His Majesty through sirahnya has proven ability as a leader , administrator or imam at the mosque , without causing any separation between religion and politics.

If none of the individual to understand Islam better to enter politics , of course many elements of religion can not be fought . This can be seen how the political wing of Islamic political parties in Algeria and Tunisia lost and only a handful of MPs in Parliament , then the wing Secular authorities as the majority has declared the ban on wearing hijab ( headscarf ) at universities throughout the country on a non- limited due to lack of power to prevent .

Even the authorities so proud to say cynical tone in Parliament , that the use of hijab is not part of Islamic dress , but it is to dress a certain tribe , as Eid prayers in the open is not the sunnah of the prophet , but it is triggered by a political prayer opposition .

Thus , the government's brutal action to pass the laws of Allah , give a bit of unhealthy about Islam , at the time of the act of giving and receiving bribes , is interested in the aspects of the identified damage the image of Islam in the eyes of the community to describe a political agenda or platform should be dirty disgusting again avoided .

This is a successful colonial success , sow seeds in the minds of Secular ideologies , ways and lifestyle of Muslims to continue to take pride that the Secular better than Islam.

He best examples of political

Islam brought by Prophet Prophet s.a.w. not only call men to worship in the context of prayer alone , but the thing is bigger than that, the main duty of people in this world to be inheritors of God, to implement the tenets of all laws of God.

When it is successfully implemented in a country ruled by people who love Islam , but the specific and general forms of worship can be done without any restrictions and constraints .

Kekhilafahan carried out by him that, based on divine revelation truth even at the time the verses of the Qur'an are still at a little decline , but what is important is the readiness and willingness to help by his friends for the sovereign law of Allah in the form of more practical .

As an influential politician who govern the country , he laid the foundations for faith to be the main agenda within all people irrespective of race , but also provides domestic and foreign policy are committed to Islam .

On the basis of national politics , he provides basic public facilities either in terms of learning , the needs of the government's responsibility , such as water , fire and grass that boelh segenapa shared by society .

While the foreign policy front, he seeks to introduce Islam to the government melelaui of his envoys for menyakan their willingness to choose Islam as the withholding of life .

Therefore , he ordered Muslims to pay zakat and non-Muslims were subject to pay taxes, they are not intended for universal harmony of the people through economic agenda based on a sound system of the Qur'an .

his success was copied and continued by the leaders after his death as Sayidina Abu Bakr as- Siddiq , Umar al - Khattab , Uthman Affan , Ali bin Abi Talib and other governments after lanh_ .-

Make this Ramadan the best - Ustaz Ghani Shamsuddin A

QUESTION : I am a Muslim , that have been left seriously the teachings of Islam , whether in the form of beliefs , beliefs , and religious charities . But the opportunity to visit the prayer room to pray Tarawih near home this year and heard a series of tazkirah.The , began producing seedlings of awareness for a man of God who practice Islam .

In one series tazkirah.The , have mentioned that Sayidina Umar ibn al - Khattab, even before embracing Islam , there is a desire to kill the Prophet Muhammad 's Not only that, but he was also involved in planting a daughter in the days of ignorance , drink alcohol , go on the spree , but eventually converted to Islam after so well .

The question is , can I be like him ( Umar ) , when I was born as a Muslim he is not different from the greedy Islam.Saya ustaz advice or counseling , how can I become a good Muslim in Ramadan this year . - Abdul Muhaimin Ismail , Kg Chalok West , Setiu , Terengganu

ANSWER : The opportunity to live for 60 or 70 years in this world must take advantage of the best. God and religion are true and correct to look to our future destiny in the Hereafter is better and prosper . poor people are those who fail to find God and the righteous way of life in this world , and has fire in the hereafter.

So when the brothers had found religion and god sister to istiqamah perform all the commands and avoid all forms of his ban . If you are not the same as the people who wander blindly searching for God and the way of life diredainya .

Life and history, traveled by the ancestors as Sayidina Umar was destiny for his documents . He lives in a dark pagan very thick. But Allah raised him to be his messenger mertabat the position like a star in the sky. Jihad and the dedication and contributions to serve his services when it can not be equated with kaadaan now . Relatives living in the era of Islam has grown old ; even more people leave teaching.

What is important is that we fulfill the teachings of Islam as taught by the Prophet and his companions . In this holy month of fasting we are asked to perform at the time brought forth its , for Allah said which means : " Who is fasting for Ramadan, the voluntary drive alone, but faith sins are forgiven . "

In a hadith the Prophet says, " small sins of a related family, property and the neighbors off by religious prayer , fasting and charity . "

Fasting is also by him like a fortress or a very strong wall to prevent us from hell fire .

In another hadith he said : " Fasting and the practice of reading the Quran will help a person on the Day of Judgement . "

Abdullah bin Amr narrated that the Prophet said: Fasting and practice of reading the Quran will help a person on the Day of Judgement . ( At that ) fasting will say: " O Lord, I was prevented from touching food and desire melempiaskan syahwatnya so forgive his sins because of it . it will say : O Lord , I have made him less sleep at night, so forgive me for the mistakes . He said ( eventually ) he is given relief . " ( Hadith narrated by Ahmad

In this month you can begin sincere repentance to Allah, to leave all the bad behavior such as stubborn to listen to instructions and restrictions of religion , refused to perform the duties of Islamic , and others like to delay the prayer .

This month , the best way to start your new lifestyle full of faith , gratitude , obedience , Inabah and humble in their prayers and worship .

This is the time to migrate from the beliefs and teachings of the one from the point of thinking and culture to life the true and pure Islam . This is the most appropriate time we moved to the political platform of Islam and left the political platform based on race or land . When nawaitu and our faith is true, prayer and fasting , and charity will be accepted if it please God , not all charitable religious Allah.Jika be meaningless .

In this blessed month we can multiply a reference to Allah's remembrance and prayer . He says the prayers of three people they would not dihampakan by God - the fast until he was breaking , and government authorities in a fair and prayer of being ill . ( Hadith narrated by Termizi )

In this noble deeds of righteousness will be multiplied by God . So plenty of charity ; contributing contribution and wisdom . Prophet is a generous , when he arrived Ramadan is the most generous and charitable.

The warmth of the blazing sun and the environment as well as the hungry stomach to form a strong and patient faced with obstacles. this is the wisdom of the fast sliding . Worship is like mencanai resilient nature and a strong spirit and strong determination to ensure the success of noble ambition . Patience is cause he did not respond cercaan people with similar cercaan ; but with great spirit he said to them : " I am fasting. "

These properties will lead to a peaceful and tranquil environment in the community .

You do not have to think you can exceed the dignity Sayidina Umar Umar prestige thus prestige difficult to surpass by people like us . But can his ambition to become the best of intentions stretch , cleanse the liver and improve the quality and degree of pride to achieve a noble humanitarian and noble .

You may expedite repentance to God repeatedly , and regrets the sins of the past and determined to avoid it and restore the adverse effects of crime has already happened .

You may expedite the prayers on time , with prayers seeking the interpretation of the first with the priest , to perform circumcision rawatib and other works .

qiamullaili with plenty of prayers and the prayers of many others , read qunut and prayers during the morning.

Relatives can also familiarize themselves with reciting Qur'an . Make reciting the traditional and customary practices daily . Indahkan al - Quran reading with your melodious voice , humble and melancholy .

Connect relations , ziarahi kin and relatives , forgive others , establishing friendly relations with neighbors and the village of residence. Plenty of practice of charity and donation .

Charity, property , remove the maintenance for the child's relatives, wives and friends . Help the poor and helpless people and the tetindas in Mindanao , Pattani , Palestine , Afghanistan , Iraq , Darfur and others.

Clean the soul and heart than to see someone else , or better , think more like our ancestors Umar worse position than we are . Instead we should put a very high tribute to the Prophet 's Companions referred to by the king as the stars in the sky.

Anyone from among the friends that we contohi sure we will be guided. Glorify their position . At the same time try to emulate their lives .

But if you have enough income to meet their umrah in Ramadan, then circle the determination and intention of fulfilling it in this fast .

He s.a.w. said : " Cashing in Ramadan Umrah pilgrimage equal ( wages ) or as if on pilgrimage with me . " ( Hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim )

Next your way Use Ramadan to increase the vertical and the crown of jihad to Islam , whether by oral , written , property and even lives. Ramadan is the month to generate change and break kebatilan disbelief and justice and Islamic ideals . This is the month of victory for Muslims , Allah willing .

Thus a number of short messages to my brothers do ; hope and dignity of his place high in the sight of Allah the Exalted and Glorious . Wallah best. _

Talks fast , faith and piety

Mahmud Arifin

If prayer be the benchmark and measure religious teachings of Tawheed , then we discuss this difficult . This is because , the difficulties we see religion , other Muslims would pray .

Although occasionally we 've heard and read that there are some Jews have prayed like Muslims as well . But , in reality now , difficult for us to observe prayer movement behavior similar to other religions to Islam .

Al - Qur'an that specified the prayers of other religions by Muslims is in surah Ali Imran ayat 43 .

" O Mary, be obedient to your Lord and prostrate and bow down ( prayers ) with those who bow down . "

It's history that a rule of prayer bowing in prayer is the prayer of Islam taught by Prophet Muhammad saw This is because the Christians do not have a prayer devotees bow. Wallahu'alam ..

According to some preachers and speakers who formerly Christian Christian , once said that Jesus prayer ; a religious ceremony , which originated from the teachings of Tawheed Abraham

However , the original features have been swallowed by the waves of the rotation expires violent and original look of eyes were dull dilapah current time.

Fast , celestial symbol of religious practice

Because , the dialogue of religions in our country has not reached a good level , but there are some things that are not can we continue here .

However , there remain only the religious practices of Islam are still the same and similar to the Muslim religion , which is fast .

Meanwhile , other practices such as prayer , zakat , and perform pilgrimage is not like the other religious practices .

As was said of God in the Qur'an, " O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you , that ye may be righteous . " ( Al - Baqarah : 183 )

Firstly , the texts are Muslims to recognize other religions as celestial religions practice fasting by reference . Among the religions that have common characteristics in terms of practice, which is fast Buddhist , Hindu , Christian and Jewish . However , how fast practices implemented , there is little difference.

Nature and the dignity of fasting also vary according to religion , customs, culture and spiritual dignity of a person .

Hence why, Lord said at the end of the verse , with the hope that the practice of fasting that we do is to increase our spiritual status to the degree of piety , which ranks as the greatest and highest.

Mentioned in the Qur'an , that God calls believers to achieve a degree of piety . This is because , those who believe , not necessarily to achieve a degree of piety . But the righteous , they would believe it .

" O you who believe , fear Allah, in truth , and do not die except in Islam . ( Ali Imran : 102 )

Also to those who believe , fear Allah asked them the way to state the truth even heard bitter . This is because the believers may not be able to state the truth .

" O you who believe , fear Allah and say the truth , then Allah improve the practices , deeds , and forgive you your sins .. " ( Al - Ahzab : 70-71 )

So , should those who believe that fighting for a place in the prestige of piety . This is because , only able to state the truth that is worthy to be called to achieve the rank of piety .

" O ye who believe, fear Allah and everyone should look at what has diperbuatkan for tomorrow ( Last ) .. " ( Al - Hasyr : 18 )

Those who believe are called achieved status as a practice of piety by providing supplies to them in the Hereafter . This is because many people believe , but such practices do not ignore them for the hereafter .

" O ye who believe! If you fear Allah , He created for you (hint ) that distinguish between right and wrong , and remove all your sins and forgive ( sins ) you. " And Allah ( is ) have a great grace . " ( Al - Anfal : 29 )

We are faced with a deadlock on the ordinary in life. though their faces as they did not know where the diamonds and gems , which is where the diamonds and glass . Which is right and wrong.

And , as we are not able to find a solution. Why be so , although we have believed in God ? Impossible for God to leave those who believe blindly in teraba find the answer to every problem .

So , the answer is - people who believe that the problems involved in today, still not achieve obedience degrees . And if those who believe that fear , then God would fulfill his promise by giving guidance .

Allah reminds us in saying , " O ye who believe! Keep all prejudiced. Indeed, some of the sins of prejudice . And do not look for any other offense , and not some of you traduce another . Would you like to eat carcass of a dead brother ? Of course you feel disgusted . And fear Allah , then Allah is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful . " ( Al Hujuraat : 12 )

Other differences between those who believe and fear that the people who believe it still does not release himself from the attitude of suspicion , contracted and injuring their brother , in search of others to shame divulged .

So , those who believe and have a perfect soul because kerohaniannya jump to the degree of piety , to clean his tongue and his ears cleaned out contracted out to hear other people embarrassment .

There are many other differences in attitudes between those who believe and fear this . And , as acknowledged , the practice of fasting is one of the practices that could put someone to the degree of spiritual piety , if practiced with sincerity and vigilance .

The observer , are encouraged to not interfere with the embarrassment of listening to others, always menyibukkan himself with the remembrance of Allah and wirid .

If all this is achieved, then the attitude was born in truth , to state the truth in front of the authorities, often reflection of supply and other Hereafter piety other features .

Fasting has caused our members too much to do evil and spiritual practices that will strengthen our soul and body back to live .

berwirid practice and chanting in the month of Ramadhan will lead us back to nature is good and original , if done properly and with sincerity to Allah's mercy . _

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